CCNA 200-120 Questions: Managing Cisco IOS

Which command can you use to manually assign a static IPv6 address to a router interface?

A. ipv6 address PREFIX_1::1/64
B. ipv6 autoconfig 2001:db8:2222:7272::72/64
C. ipv6 autoconfig
D. ipv6 address 2001:db8:2222:7272::72/64*

Correct Answer: D

The network administrator is asked to configure 113 point-to-point links. Which IP addressing scheme best defines the address range and subnet mask that meet the requirement and waste the fewest subnet and host addresses?

A. subnetted with mask
B. subnetted with mask
C. subnetted with mask
D. subnetted with mask
E. subnetted with mask*

Correct Answer: D

A Cisco router is booting and has just completed the POST process. It is now ready to find and load an IOS image. What function does the router perform next?

A. It checks the configuration register.*
B. It attempts to boot from a TFTP server.
C. It loads the first image file in flash memory.
D. It inspects the configuration file in NVRAM for boot instructions.

Correct Answer: A

Which command displays CPU utilization?

A. show protocols
B. show process*
C. show system
D. show version

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit. The technician wants to upload a new IOS in the router while keeping the existing IOS. What is the maximum size of an IOS file that could be loaded if the original IOS is also kept in flash?

A. 3MB
B. 5MB
C. 7MB
D. 4MB*

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.
The two exhibit devices are the only Cisco devices on the network. The serial network between the two devices has a mask of Given the output that is shown, what three statements are true of these devices? (Choose three.)

A. The Manchester serial address is*
B. The Manchester serial address is
C. The London router is a Cisco 2610.*
D. The Manchester router is a Cisco 2610.
E. The CDP information was received on port Serial0/0 of the Manchester router.*
F. The CDP information was sent by port Serial0/0 of the London router.

Correct Answer: ACE

Before installing a new, upgraded version of the IOS, what should be checked on the router, and which command should be used to gather this information? (Choose two.)

A. the amount of available ROM.
B. the amount of available flash and RAM memory.*
C. the version of the bootstrap software present on the router.
D. show version.*
E. show processes.
F. show running-config.

Correct Answer: BD

Which command reveals the last method used to powercycle a router?

A. show reload
B. show boot
C. show running-config
D. show version*

Correct Answer: D


Why is flash memory erased prior to upgrading the IOS image from the TFTP server?

A. In order for the router to use the new image as the default, it must be the only IOS image in flash.
B. Flash memory on Cisco routers can contain only a single IOS image.
C. Erasing current flash content is requested during the copy dialog.*
D. The router cannot verify that the Cisco IOS image currently in flash is valid.

Correct Answer: C

Which command would you configure globally on a Cisco router that would allow you to view directly connected Cisco devices?

A. enable cdp
B. cdp enable
C. cdp run*
D. run cdp

Correct Answer: C

Which two locations can be configured as a source for the IOS image in the boot system command? (Choose two.)

C. flash memory*
D. HTTP server
E. TFTP server*
F. Telnet server

Correct Answer: CE

Which two statements describe the process identifier that is used in the command to configure OSPF on a router? (Choose two.)
Router(config)# router ospf 1

A. All OSPF routers in an area must have the same process ID.
B. Only one process number can be used on the same router.
C. Different process identifiers can be used to run multiple OSPF processes.*
D. The process number can be any number from 1 to 65,535.*
E. Hello packets are sent to each neighbor to determine the processor identifier.

Correct Answer: CD


Refer to the exhibit.
For what two reasons has the router loaded its IOS image from the location that is shown? (Choose two)

A. Router1 has specific boot system commands that instruct it to load IOS from TFTP server.*
B. Router1 is acting as a TFTP server for other routers.
C. Router1 cannot locate a valid IOS image in flash memory.*
D. Router1 defaulted to ROMMON mode and loaded the IOS image from a TFTP server.
E. Cisco routers will first attempt to load a image from TFTP for management purposes.

Correct Answer: AC

Which command shows your active Telnet connections?

A. show cdp neigbors
B. show session*
C. show users
D. show vty logins

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit. Which rule does the DHCP server use when there is an IP address conflict?

A. The address is removed from the pool until the conflict is resolved.*
B. The address remains in the pool until the conflict is resolved.
C. Only the IP detected by Gratuitous ARP is removed from the pool.
D. Only the IP detected by Ping is removed from the pool.
E. The IP will be shown, even after the conflict is resolved.

Correct Answer: A

How does using the service password-encryption command on a router provide additional security?

A. by encrypting all passwords passing through the router.
B. by encrypting passwords in the plain text configuration file.*
C. by requiring entry of encrypted passwords for access to the device.
D. by configuring an MD5 encrypted key to be used by routing protocols to validate routing exchanges.
E. by automatically suggesting encrypted passwords for use in configuring the router.

Correct Answer: B

A network administrator needs to allow only one Telnet connection to a router. For anyone viewing the configuration and issuing the show run command, the password for Telnet access should be encrypted. Which set of commands will accomplish this task?

A. service password-encryption
access-listl permit
line vty0 4
password cisco
access-class 1

B. enable password secret
line vty0
password cisco

C. service password-encryption
line vty1
password cisco*****

D. service password-encryption
line vty0 4
password cisco

Correct Answer: C

What is the effect of using the service password-encryption command?

A. Only the enable password will be encrypted.
B. It will encrypt all current and future passwords.*
C. It will encrypt the secret password and remove the enable secret password from the configuration.
D. Only the enable secret password will be encrypted.
E. Only passwords configured after the command has been entered will be encrypted.

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit. What is the effect of the configuration that is shown?

A. It tells the router or switch to try establish an SSH connection first and if that fail to use telnet.
B. It configures a Cisco network device to use the SSH protocol on incoming communications via the virtual terminal ports.*
C. It allows seven failed login attempts before the VTY lines are temporarily shutdown.
D. It configures the virtual terminal lines with the password 030752180500.
E. It configures SSH globally for all logins.

Correct Answer: B

Which command enables IPv6 forwarding on a Cisco router?

A. ipv6 local
B. ipv6 host
C. ipv6 unicast-routing*
D. ipv6 neighbor

Correct Answer: C

Which command encrypts all plaintext passwords?

A. Router# service password-encryption
B. Router(config)# service password-encryption*
C. Router(config)# password-encryption
D. Router# password-encryption

Correct Answer: B

Which will fix the issue and allow ONLY ping to work while keeping telnet disabled?

A. Correctly assign an IP address to interface fa0/1
B. Change the ip access-group command on fa0/0 from “in” to “out”
C. Remove access-group 106 in from interface fa0/0 and add access-group 115 in.
D. Remove access-group 102 out from interface s0/0/0 and add access-group 114 in
E. Remove access-group 106 in from interface fa0/0 and add access-group 104 in*

Correct Answer: E


What would be the effect of issuing the command ip access-group 114 in to the fa0/0 interface?

A. Attempts to telnet to the router would fail
B. It would allow all traffic from the network *
C. IP traffic would be passed through the interface but TCP and UDP traffic would not
D. Routing protocol updates for the network would not be accepted from the fa0/0 interface

Correct Answer: B

A network administrator changes the configuration register to 0x2142 and reboots the router. What are two results of making this change? (Choose two.)

A. The IOS image will be ignored.
B. The router will prompt to enter initial configuration mode.*
C. The router will boot to ROM.
D. Any configuration entries in NVRAM will be ignored.*
E. The configuration in flash memory will be booted.

Correct Answer: BD

List 3 components of SNMP ?

B. NMS (Manager)*
C. Agent*

Correct Answer: ABC

CCNA 200-120 Questions: Managing Cisco IOS

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